Silver Balls: What are the silver balls?
These are typically called your Acu-Balls for massage and direct aplication therapy.

Can you get any side effects from using the CellQuicken RoyalVibe?
No, this is ultrasound and you do not get frequency fatigue with sound wave.

Can the device be used with current medication or treatments?
Yes, this can be complementary to your present treatment but you need to add this information to your medical history when sending for a Personalized ultrasound treatment program. The Dr will want to know for what condition the medication is prescribed. For treatments like chemo or radiation it is important as the body must cope with inflammation and the treatment program must assist with the onslaught of healthy cells and immune system.

Can more than one person be treated at a time?
Yes, should they have the same conditions or be heading for the same condition and the cause is the same.

Is there an adverse effect if I lie next to the person been treated?
No, it can only benefit you, and should it be a treatment for an organ or condition which you do not have, the ultrasound treatment will not resonate and therefore have no effect on you.

What is the volume knob for?
This knob adjusts the amplitude (strength) of the ultrasound frequencies generated. The higher you set it, the stronger the treatment received.

Where must I set the volume knob to?
It is advisable that when starting with energy frequency treatment, you need to first condition your body to receiving such treatment. You therefore need to start at a lower setting to get your body used to it, and gradually increasing the volume each day. After 7 days of continuous use you will be able to use it at full volume settings.

Gold Connection: What is this used for?
The Gold Connection is used with the accompanying gold tipped cable in your pack. This is used to connect either your antenna or your Envirovibe.

Ball + and Ball – Connections: What are these used for?
The accompanying connector cables ( Red + and Blue - ) are plugged in here. This is used for the massaging therapy Acu-balls and Acu-Pen and also the EnviroVibe gets plugged directly into this.

Silver Balls: What are the silver balls used for?
These balls are used for direct contact. They are typically used to apply treatment directly to affected areas of pain and inflammation. As they do emit a level of frequency, by having them on during any treatment enhances the levels of frequencies received.
Note: Most people do not feel anything holding the Acu-Balls as the frequency is to high for the body to experience a sensation.

Red Antenna: What is this used for?
The red antenna serves as your transmitting probe through which you will receive your ultrasound treatment.

Red Antenna: Where must the red antenna be during treatment?
You need to be within a 2 meter (6 Foot) radius of the antenna. The closer the antenna is to the body the stronger the sound treatment experienced by the body. When doing treatment at night, it is recommended that the antenna be placed next to you between shoulder and hip. The closer, the better.

Red Antenna: The cables make me sleep uneasy?
It is noted that you sleep uneasy with the antenna in your bed as you get caught up and entangled in the cables, place the RoyalVibe at the foot end of the bed, and run the cable parallel with the body. If discomfort is still experienced, placed antenna underneath fitted sheet. (Note; do not place antenna higher than shoulder height)

Acu-Pen: What is the white pen like accessory?
This is called the Acu-Pen

Acu-Pen: What is this used for?
The Acu-Pen is used to treat the nerves, nerve endings, meridians and acupressure points. You use it directly on nerves for nerve stimulation.

Acu-Pen: How do I use it?
You will be given protocol on where to place the pen and for how long.

EnviroVibe: How do I do water treatment?
By making use of the EnviroVibe. This is the black, magnetic hexagon shaped enclosure.
(*NB please note, that this has a strong magnet within)

EnviroVibe: How does it work and what does it connect to?
The EnviroVibe gets connected directly to the RoyalVibe (Blue box) by either making use of the Gold Tipped cable or the silver tipped cable, but not both. You can either make use of the Water Treatment program provided on “Public Groupings” on the app, or in conjunction with your personal treatment being run. Simply place the water container on top of the EnviroVibe.

EnviroVibe: How long must I structure my water for?
Anything longer than 10 minutes, but preferably 30 minutes is sufficient.

EnviroVibe: How long does the water structure last?
Once the water has been structured, make use of it within 3 days. It is however dependent on how much it is exposed to radiation been cell phones, power etc., the more exposure the less structure is maintained.

EnviroVibe: How much water can I structure at any given time?
Typically there is no limit. The EnviroVibe is strong and durable enough to place a 25 liter (7 gallon) container on top.

EnviroVibe: What other treatment can I do with the EnviroVibe?
You can place the unit in a strong plastic bag to structure bath and swimming pool water. Some clients use it to treat the body instead of using the red antenna as it has the same ultrasound function as the red antenna. Clients place it on the stomach for constipation or underneath the knee to treat reduce pain, etc.
The Envirovibe was however not designed for body treatment but magnetic treatment added to the ultrasound has its beneficial function.

*NB* Any prosthesis like stents, pace makers or the like may not be closer than 1 meter (3 foot) to the EnviroVibe.

Cellphone: What is my cellphone used for?
This is used as your “Operating System”. By downloading the RoyalVibe Application from Google Playstore allows you to run your program and various other functional applications.

Cellphone: How does my Cell Phone connect to the RoyalVibe Blue Box?
Follow the instructions provided in the RoyalVibe user Manual. This is done by pairing the Bluetooth of the Cellphone to that of the 2 x Bluetooth on the RoyalVibe box.

Cellphone: The Cellphone light stays on at night?
To solve this, turn the phone face down or put the screen to sleep mode.

Cellphone: The battery of the phone dies and then my treatment stops?
Ensure that when you switch your RoyalVibe Blue Box on, you also power up your phone, (place your cellphone on charge).

Cellphone: Can I use any phone?
You can use any Smartphone that has capability of connecting to BLE and Bluetooth 4 with Android 4.4.4 (or newer) with minimum 1 GB Ram and 4.5 to 5.5 inch screen. The phone would need an internet connection to login and load the programs initially. The RoyalVibe app is unfortunately not iOS compatible at the moment.

Treatment Program: How do I write my own program?
The first step is to register yourself on (View website instruction manual)

Treatment Program: How do I load a program?
Once you have registered a profile and dependent, you load a treatment program on the applicable link on See the instruction manual or video supplied to clients.

Do I need an internet connection to run my treatment program?
An initial connection is needed to login for the first time and access the treatment programs to download. An active internet connection is not needed to run your program once you have downloaded the program. You need to logon once every 14 days to get live data updates.

How do I download the programs on my app?
Click on word “downloadload” next to the applicable treatment grouping. Do the same for every program on every profile including those pre-loaded on “Public Groupings” should you have the need to run without data connection.

How do I view the treatment that has been written for me?
When you have loaded your treatment to run you have the option to preview the treatment you are about to run.

Can I continue a treatment from where it was last stopped?
No you cannot should you have pressed stop but you have the ability to paused it. Should there be a power out, the treatment will stop and continue when the RoyalVibe has powered up again.

How do I get or update a treatment program?
You can either write one yourself on,
Or, request a personalized Doctor's program from CellQuicken (current pricing model applies).

How do I create a BrainVibe program?
Once you have loged into your account on, you navigate to the visuals and find the link.

How do I create a BrainVibe program?
Once you have loged into your account on, you navigate to the visuals and find the link.

Is there someone that can design my brain vibe?
Not at the moment. Once the service has been contracted to someone who is able to do so, we will notify you.

Do I need special skills to create my own brain vibe?
No it is strait forward.

How often must I run a brain vibe?
At least 28 consecutive days. And then at least every 3rd-4th day if running the same program.

How often must I run a health assessment?
Every fortnightly in order to keep the health guarantee active. This report must be mailed to CellQuicken.

How often must a treatment program be written?
This depends on your health risk analysis. We suggest that by the 4th time that the analysis is in plateau, a new program must be designed. This could take up to a 12 month in some instances.

What if there is no improvement from the beginning? Must I pay for the new treatment?
The Doctor will redesign the program at no cost should the analysis show no improvement within 2 months.

Must I pay for software upgrades?
Upgrading to software and treatment lists are done constantly and there are no costs to the existing client. Your purchase of the hardware covers all future treatment picking list treatments.

How does a client purchase?
Purchasing is done online with payment choice of credit card via paypal or bank transfer.